The Protest That Wasn’t

A protest by “brides” outside Government Buildings on Tuesday has provoked an angry response. The Wedding International Professionals Association (WIPA) called the protest to demand that the numbers attending weddings be increased from 50 to 100, which the Cabinet was agreeing at that time anyway.

Protests against privatisation of local employment services

The fightback against privatisation is growing.

What’s On This Week | 19-25 July

English Language Teachers from the trade union Unite will protest at lunchtime today outside the Department of Further and Higher Education on Marlborough Street. The teachers are protesting the “premature and unsafe” reopening of schools for face-to-face classes.

How to campaign as if you actually want to win

What White People Can Do Next: From Allyship To Coalition. Emma Dabiri. Published by Penguin Books.

Cultural Marxism: Friends

The Friends reunion was a flimflam befitting the show's 90s narrative and ideological nonchalance.

The Marxist Guide to Coca-Cola

The Killer Coke campaign is the first stop for anyone trying to understand Coca-Cola.



Ever Wondered How Late-Stage Capitalism Will End? Rover Dies.

Try as you might to avoid US news, stories from the neoliberal tickocracy will still reach you.

The Government loves giving away money (just not to you)

When is a public service not a public service?

Does our socialism still need republicanism?

Republicanism offers an anti-sectarian vision of society.