The case of the disappearing deposit protection scheme

Governments have been backtracking ever since the scheme to protect tenants' money was announced.

Department of Defence encourages Irish companies to profit from conflict

The controversial seminar will take place on Thursday.

Cuba is not alone

People in over 80 cities have shown their support for the Cuban Revolution.

Blowback: an intense primer on imperial hubris

A podcast about American empire that paints a complex picture of the sinister plots against Cuba.

Cultural Marxism: PAW Patrol: The Movie

The further adventures of the unaccountable, private crypto-fascist militia known as PAW Patrol.

The How-To Guide To Community Wealth Building

Matthew Brown and Rhian E Jones, Paint Your Town Red, London: Repeater Books, 2021.



New Bill Protects Employers in Notoriously Low Paid Sector

The new tip theft bill will not protect workers.

“We cannot solve this crisis overnight”

This government is determined to make it impossible to implement their own policies.

Where does unionism go now?

With no party able to produce a hegemonic leadership capable of sustaining and reproducing itself, what now for unionism?