What’s On This Week | 7 – 13 June

Looking to the past and the future.

Protests against the medieval warfare on Cuba

The US imposed a trade embargo on Cuba in 1961.

A map nerd got so annoyed at Dublin City Council he made us a map of green spaces

DCC could have a plan for the city, if it didn’t hate the inhabitants so much

Cultural Marxism: Friends

The Friends reunion was a flimflam befitting the show's 90s narrative and ideological nonchalance.

The Marxist Guide to Coca-Cola

The Killer Coke campaign is the first stop for anyone trying to understand Coca-Cola.

Conspiracy, not class

James O’Toole. The Irish State And Revolution. Ireland: Red Network, 2021.



How the middle-class gospel got the Ballymun regeneration so wrong

Ballymun Regeneration Limited aimed to re-make the people, not the buildings.

Gardaí, scabs, and KPMG

Scab workers protected by Gardaí have been brought in to undermine the pickets.