What’s on this week? | 19-25 October

Pretty sure there’s interesting and important events taking place but just can’t remember what day of the week it is? Don’t worry,...

What’s on this week? | 12-18 October

It’s all about the Budget, except when it’s not. Check in on this week’s events with LookLeft. Public talks

Just 9 tweets explaining to clueless journalists what happened on Kildare Street yesterday

Remember, wanting to create a society based on a racial hierarchy and wanting the opposite of that are not the same thing.

Cold War surveillance of the Irish left

An Alien Ideology: Cold War perceptions of the Irish Republican Left by John Mulqueen. Published by Liverpool University Press.

Cultural Marxism: Thomas the Tank Engine

Tara Brady reviews your childhood favourite and finds it to be a land of anthropomorphic chattels that toil neither for financial reward...

Cultural Marxism: Reds

Not just as left-wing as mainstream US cinema has ever been, Warren Beatty’s Reds is unrivaled in its scope and scale, writes...