What’s on this week? |26 October – 1 November

This week's events do include seasonally appropriate monsters, but more in destroying-human-life-and-dignity mode than eating you brain type. Sorry.

What’s on this week? | 19-25 October

Pretty sure there’s interesting and important events taking place but just can’t remember what day of the week it is? Don’t worry,...

What’s on this week? | 12-18 October

It’s all about the Budget, except when it’s not. Check in on this week’s events with LookLeft. Public talks

Podcast Review: The Palestine Podcast

The tech companies we rely on to live our lives are making it increasingly difficult to access content on Palestine. But that’s not why you should listen to The Palestine Podcast.

Cold War surveillance of the Irish left

An Alien Ideology: Cold War perceptions of the Irish Republican Left by John Mulqueen. Published by Liverpool University Press.

Cultural Marxism: Thomas the Tank Engine

Tara Brady reviews your childhood favourite and finds it to be a land of anthropomorphic chattels that toil neither for financial reward...