Spanish tenant unions call for a rent strike

Tenant unions in Spain have called for a rent strike from 1 April due to the Coronavirus.

As originally reported in, the call is for those economically affected by the crisis, small businesses and the self-employed / freelancers, to withhold rent payments until the Spanish Government agrees to suspend such payments.

The unions reject the proposals of the Government to date, including the deferment of rent for those in vulnerable situations and the provision of public funds to help such renters, as not going far enough. Instead, the unions are looking for the suspension of rent for those who have seen their income reduced or lost due to the pandemic.

Launched on Monday, the event’s manifesto highlights that on 1 April “thousands of families affected by the Coronavirus crisis will be obliged to pay unacceptable rents”.

A rent strike is not illegal in Spain, according to the unions, but neither is it recognised as a right. As such, the unions propose that the strike’s success will depend on its force and the numbers that take part.