Delfin teachers set to strike

Image: Twitter / @Uniteunionroi

Management refusal to engage with workers has led to an escalation of the dispute, with a full-day strike set for Monday and pickets outside the school from 9am to 6pm.

“Management has consistently refused to address teachers’ concerns or to negotiate with them collectively through the union of their choice, leaving workers with no option but to take industrial action,” said Unite Regional Officer Brendan Byrne.

“Our members have been trying to address a range of issues from low pay to unpaid breaks and what amounts to temporary layoffs over Christmas. The resolution of this dispute is in the hands of management: they just need to pick up the phone and talks to their workers though their union, Unite.”

“This is the first strike action in a sector where precarious working conditions are the norm. Unless schools move to engage workers collectively, it is unlikely that Monday’s action will be the last in the sector.”