Military Coup in Sudan but the revolution battles on

After months of protests, events are unfolding fast in Sudan, with the removal of longtime leader, Omar Bashir from power. However, the changes appear mostly cosmetic as senior military figures have stepped in to prevent the dismantling of the entire Islamist regime by the mass protests.

Below is a recent statement from the Sudanese Communist Party and followed by the core demands of the revolutionary forces.

Omar Bashir is gone, but the regime stays. What happened during the 11th of April was a palace coup, a carbon copy of the coup staged by the coup in Egypt to abort their Jan. 2011 revolution.

The temporary set back of the military coup will be resisted with the increased unity and determination of the masses to roll back and defeat the present military transitional council.

Millions of Sudanese defy the military curfew and occupy the square in front of the army headquarters. The forces for freedom and change defy the military transitional council and demand immediate hand over of power to the representatives of the peoples.

Comrades Al Khateeb and Masoud are free, both have visited The Communist Party headquarters where they received standing ovation under the slogan “Freedom, Peace, Justice, and Revolution is the People’s Choice”.

Despite the success of the revolution in removing Al Bashir, who enjoyed the outside support of the Troika, EU, USA, Canada, and local reactionary governments like Qatar, Egypt, and Turkey, and the freeing of all political detainees, except some in DABAK prison.

The Sudan Communist Party and all the opposition forces are adamant that they will fight to continue the revolution until the establishment of a civil government that represents the masses and the implementation of the democratic alternative programme accepted by all the forces including the forces of national consensus, Sudan Call, The Professionals Association and the armed groups.


Central Media Bureau
Sudanese Communist Party
12 April 2019

The Revolutionary forces are demanding:

  1. Both the new head of the government and the Director of National Security and Intelligence must step and be held to account.
  2. Dissolution of the National Congress party and all the regime’s organisations and the transfer of their property to the National Treasury.
  3. Dissolution of Parliament (Legislative Authority)
  4. Securing the independence of the judiciary by removing all cadres of the National Congress from the judiciary and bring back those who were arbitrarily dismissed in the past.
  5. Sacking the cadres of the National Congress Party and the Muslim Brotherhood from the army, security and organisations.
  6. Dissolve the paramilitary forces and security forces who participated in the regime, whether in public or secret, and transfer their property to the general command of the Sudanese Army.
  7. Dissolve the government, prosecute, and prevent the cadres who participated in the rescue system from holding public positions for life.
  8. Formation of a National Transitional Government in which there is no one who participated in the rescue governments.
  9. Submission of deposed Omar Al-Bashir for public trial.