Police violence against strikers continues in Bangladesh

50,000 factory workers are reported to have taken part in strikes this week.

Police violence against striking garment workers continued today (Sunday) as police fired water cannons and tear gas at demonstrators in Dhaka.

One worker was killed on Tuesday and 50 others were injured after police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at 5,000 protesting workers in the capital. Water cannons were also used to disperse 10,000 strikers blocking a major highway in Savar.

Trade unions are demanding that the minimum monthly wage be increased to taka 18,000 (€187). The minimum monthly wage was increased to taka 8,000 (€83) in September, which trade unions say does not cover the rising cost of living.

Bangladesh was the second-largest global clothes exporter after China last year. The nearly four million garment workers make clothes for brands such as H&M, Zara, Walmart, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Tesco and Aldi.

The Government announced a pay rise for mid-level factor workers on Sunday. However, not all unions have said they will sign up to the agreement.