LookLeft 26

LookLeft 26 is in Eason’s stores and hundreds of selected newsagents across the country now. Still only €2.00, the highlights of this issue include:

The Battle for Ireland’s Soul – Francis Donohoe reports on the battle for reproductive rights in Ireland.

Debate: Is Labour Left? – Labour Party NEC member Paddy Cole and Independents4Change TD Joan Collins debate the credentials of the Labour Party.

Jobstown Media Analysed – Henry Silke assesses the media’s approach to Jobstown and the water charges campaign.

Build the Union – SIPTU Deputy General Secretary, Ethel Buckley, talks to Deirdre Dunne.

Rogue Crisis Pregnancy Agencies – Cathie Shiels looks at the decade long failure to regulate bogus counselling services.

The Price of Loyalty – Sophie Long, former member of the PUP, discusses loyalism with Kylie Noble.

The ongoing crisis in Brazil – Donal Boushel analyses Brazil’s soft coup.

Organising Respect in Sport – Eoghan Gardiner details the growing demands for respect by women in sport.

Institutions of Division – Justin O’Hagan discuss the sectarian divide that underpins the Stormont malaise.

Emerging from a Nightmare – Peace activist Jules Fitzsimons gives an on the ground account of life in war-ravaged Syria.

Organising for Progress – Éilis Ryan meets Kranthi, an organisation of Indian Communists living in Ireland.

The Right Resurgent – Michael Taft looks at left strategy.

The Bolsheviks in Revolt – James O’Brien on the Bolsheviks and the struggle for democracy.

And much more….