The Jemmy Hope Column – Issue 25

“As a people, we are excluded from any share in framing the laws by which we are governed. The higher ranks usurped the exclusive exercise of that privilege, as well as many other rights, by force, fraud and fiction.”

The approach to transport in the Republic of Ireland is somewhat antiqued. In 2016, Bus Éireann received €34 million in state subvention to provide public transport throughout rural Ireland while Horse Racing Ireland received €60 million in the same year  to provide something for gamblers to  shout at.

Jemmy had the misfortunate to stumble upon a failing programme on RTE recently called the Late, Late Show which is presented by some miscreant called Ryan Tubrity. I was somewhat bewildered as I viewed a segment discussing the horrific treatment of children forced into institutions under the grip of the Roman Catholic Church, that the Tubridy lad kept referring to how “we” treated these people. Who is this “we” I thought. Some quick research indicated to me that the fellow must have been referring to the Roman  Catholic pseudo-republican elite of  which he is a member.

Tubridy’s grandfather was C.S. “Todd” Andrews, a former 1920s IRA officer and Fianna Fáil supporter, who as chair of the CIÉ group played a key role in destroying the Republic’s rail infrastructure. When not closing railway lines Andrews was busy building his family’s political dynasty with sons David and Niall becoming TDs, to be followed into the Dáil by their own sons while one of his daughters produced the unfortunate Tubridy.

News that the Anti-Austerity Alliance has adopted the name Solidarity is something which makes a degree of sense – solidarity is undoubtedly a term which has positive connections and more suits a fully-fledged political party that has moved beyond its alliance stage. However, it does drag up memories of the Polish trade union of the same name with its shameful connections to the CIA and extreme right wing Catholic organisations including Opus Dei. It is unsurprising that this group’s erstwhile leader, Lech Wałesa is, in his twilight years, mainly concerned with promoting an extreme anti-women and anti-gay agenda.

On the subject of the extreme Catholic Right, Jemmy was amused to see that the former leading  member of Provisional Sinn Fein,  Gerry McGeough’s historical re-en actment society the Ancient Order of Hibernians, has expanded into Fermanagh. Pictured in the Irish News  at the launch of his new grouplet, auld Gerry looked quite distinguished in his green sash and magnificent beard. The other four members were, more disap pointedly, mainly dressed in tracksuits  and running shoes which really clashed  with the otherwise astounding snot  green and yellow phlegm sash look.

A recent issue of the Phoenix  ‘outed’ journalist Fintan O’Toole as a  former ‘Workers’ Party activist’. That’s  news to Jemmy and probably news to  Fintan as well, as they say paper never  refused ink.