Increase in Racist Attacks in Northern Ireland

Several immigrant families in Northern Ireland endured smashed windows, racist graffiti daubed on their homes, and in two incidents in Derry pipe bomb attacks, during the first three months of 2014.

According to the most recent statistics for 2013 produced by the PSNI, there are two racist incidents reported, and more than one incident recorded as a racist hate crime in the north of Ireland every day.

The Institute of Race Relations has stated that: “While racism is not the exclusive expression of one section of the community, there is a high correlation between racist attacks and areas which are staunchly Loyalist and a traditional heartland for affiliation to prominent Loyalist paramilitary groups.”

Throughout Ireland 91 racist incidents were reported to the iReport system in the 3 month period of October to December 2013. The iReport system allows racist incidents to be reported directly to the European Network Against Racism Ireland at