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Can trade unions lead a fight back? Paul Dillon examines the strategic choices which face the trade union movement North and South —-

LookLeft looks at how class defines health outcomes——

NAMA: So why was it created?
Nama plays no constructive economic role so why was it created asks Conor McCabe—–

The importance of politics
Historian Brian Hanley takes a look at the life
of socialist-republican George Gilmore—–

The Kids want Pyro
Donal Fallon and Kevin Brannigan take alook at Ultra culture—–

ESB – ‘It’s Your energy…for now”
Slaves and Slavery
– William Wall looks at the economics underpinning the Magdalene Laundries—–

Tom Redmond on Left Unity—-

Reports from Bodenstown and Peter Daly commemorations—–

Tomás MacGiolla – An enduring legacy

Fighting austerity in the Banana Republic of Italy

An Uncertain Future – the Arab Spring

A toxic Triangle– Gavan Titley examines the media’s role in the growth of Islamophobia.

Saving the Euro and the cowardice of Social Democracy – Influential Greek economist, Yanis Varoufakis,

Interview with the authors of White Riot and history of Punk


Three pages News from working class communities and the left

Five pages of Reviews

The Jemmy Hope Column