You Make the Future

Class politics are back. In real­ity they had never gone away but during the years of an economic boom based on speculative fan­tasy rather than real production, this truth was shrouded. 

Now the stark choices have returned. How will we build a real productive economy? Who will pay for the wilful social and economic destruction wrought in recent years? Those who created the disaster or the working class? 

Although our island is po­litically divided, the election of a Tory government in Westminster has ensured that workers and the young, north and south, face the same elite onslaught. For them unemployment is a price worth paying, by others, in an attempt to salvage their failed economic system. 

In the south, Fianna Fáil has re­turned to the lessons learnt from past masters – make the working class pay with the future of their children, once more forced on to the dole or into emigration. 

For them, youth emigration removes a troublesome problem. For ordinary people it breaks up families, for the economy it removes its future engine. 

When the elites wanted more money poured into their specu­lative stock markets the future problem of too many pension­ers and not enough workers was hyped up. Now they do nothing to create jobs, more concerned with bailing out the bank bond­holders, in some cases their finan­ciers, than creating the conditions for future economic growth. 

In Northern Ireland syco­phantic tribal bosses fawn over Tory leader David Cameron, an individual who oozes the conceit and belligerence of his privileged background. In the south too, some have called for negotiation with those that put their party’s interest above that of the people.

While they negotiate Fianna Fáil’s co-conspirators and finan­ciers asset strip the country. This must end now.

All must be done to see both governments out of office at the first opportunity. In the longer term the ground work must be laid to unite the working class so that the same self serving cliques will never again achieve political power.