Media workers organise to stop BNP

BNP thugs assault Times reporter Dominic Kennedy

A NEW Campaign by media workers is hoping to expose the fascist core of the British National Party.

Expose the BNP is a newly launched group bringing together rmedia workers and students to oppose the rise of Britain’s far-right.

The group say they are dedicated to “exposing the BNP as racists, homophobes, anti-Semites, women-haters, trade union bashers and fascists”.

“We want to see them tackled forcefully when they are afforded airtime or column inches,” the group’s founding statement declares.

“We appeal to our fellow media industry workers and students to join us in campaigning to expose the true nature of the BNP hidden behind the smart suits and smooth talk.”

The rise of the BNP and other groups like the English Defence League, has presented a serious challenge for British journalists, according to Expose.

“Their ideologies are fascist and their express aims are to scapegoat and persecute ethnic minorities and Muslims, encouraging violence in pursuit of these goals.”

Expose have stated that the BNP’s core political method is to lie to conceal its real intentions, exploiting the democratic process to achieve anti-democratic aims.

The say that media workers have a duty to expose the BNP and to highlight the dangers of normalising them by allowing them the same access and treatment as other political parties.

The group will work to prevent the BNP from using the media as a platform for their propaganda.

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