BNP Irish links revealed

Brian Whelan reveals BNP links to Irish pro-lifers

LEAKED BNP accounts show the party’s links to a pro-life Businessman from Northern Ireland who it is believed virtually owns the fascist party.

Far-right watchdog, Searchlight, have revealed that documents leaked to them in recent months show the state of the BNP’s finances from 2007 until 2009.
According to the leaked accounts pro-life activist Jim Dowson, who also runs the BNP’s Belfast call centre, is currently bankrolling the party providing hundreds of thousands in funding.
Bible-bashing BNP man, Dowson
The spreadsheets reveal that during the first 11 months of 2009 payments totalling £334,261 were paid from the BNP’s Bank of Scotland account to Jim Dowson’s company Ltd.
Dowson, who has links to the loyalist murderer Michael Stone, became involved with the BNP in 2007 and is believed to have transformed their fundraising capability and provided management training courses for party officers.
Dowson has a record of funding groups opposing women’s right to chose forming Precious Life Scotland, later UK Life- League, in 1999 after meetings with the ultra-right Youth Defence.